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August 02 2008

 miamoto and martinamoto went to Salem after they left Boston. Now they are in Montreal, Canada. WIFI access is everywhere, but PCs to borrow are a scarce resource, slow and to be found at not very enjoyable places, therefore less blog entries.

enjoyed: moules frites
parler francais,
festival: folies francophones: es amis au pakistan (look them up at myspace.com)
chocolate bars

looking forward to festival on Monday:
the weakerthans, chromeo, go team...

July 27 2008

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On the tour trail we learnt that the Sam Addams beer did not sell well with the not that good looking revolutioner Sam Adams on it, so they changed the picture to handsome revolutioner Paul Revere
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This 'freedom trail' tourguide mentioned to motos that he was a stunt man in the old Winnetou films and that he was responsible for stunts in the Bud Spencer and Terence Hill films.

We finally understood what the difference between continental European thunderstorms and US Thunderstorms and showers is. Completely soaked we did not walkt the tour to the end but instead ended up in a pub having Chowder and Cheese Burgers and Beer.

The freedom trail is...to be added
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Bostonians are really into red Socks.
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The Fung Wah Bus took us from China town New York to Boston in 4,5 hours for 15$. 


We spent the last 5 days in Boston. Though we were not sure whether we really liked Boston at first, because it was raining two out of five days. We spent the rainy days booking hostels and enjoying places such as Maria's pastry shop and other nice spots in little Italy and around Newbury street. We found out that spontaneous travelling is not the best idea in summer, as all the good rooms in the hostels are booked out a month in advance. Therefore, from here we will have to sleep in 6 to 20 bed dorms most of the time. As I love to spend between 30 to 45 minutes in the bathroom in the morning people in the hostels will start to hate me. But well....I'll do my best to get better in bathroom time management and if that does not work out, I'll buy my 20 roommates drinks or chocolate bars to keep them busy in the morning, while I'm in the shower.


Resume NY

text to be added

July 23 2008

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View from the rooftop of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
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temple of dendur
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Medieval riders
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Papua new Guinea Pols
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Papua New Guinea Slit Gong
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Racoon at boathouse in central park

Martinamotos birthday

July 22, was Martinamotos birthday and we had huge plans for this day. When we came up with our plans (MET, boat ride in central park, late lunch at boathouse, swing concert with danceclass before the concert), we did not know how overwhelming the MET (Metropolitain museum of Art) was. So after breakfast we went to MET, stayed there forever and as we did not have enought time to return to our room and change for a dancing class, we went for some cocktails to the central park boat house. In the boathouse we met two nice gentlemen (Andrew and Captain Ron) who liked to talk about history, what humans might have learnt and breweries.  Miamoto tried a lite beer and was not convinced she liked it, though the thought of low calory beer was tempting. Martinamoto got invited to a full glass of bourbon (or was it jonny walker?). Anyway she definitely got a birthday special treatment. We never saw a glass of whiskey filled to the edge like that. One of the gentlemen told us that he owned the sailing boat pond in central park. This is a small pond, where anyone can rent small telecontrol sailing boats. The other Gentlemen, Andrew taught us the six Ps: Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. They supported us taking pictures of a racoon.

Drunk and tired, tomorrow we go to Boston,
Love, Miamoto

July 22 2008

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Delicious Salad and pie at corner Hudson and N. Moore street
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Brooklyn bridge, artificial waterfall, Jehovas witnesses watchtower
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Statue of Liberty
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Manhattan Skyline
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George Washington
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